Hope*Of*Snow in USA!!!!


My god.....

Eating 2 pieces of Godiva chocolate at once.
It makes me a little bit guilty.

I should have saved it for later.

But at that same time, is makes me happy that I am about to melt with the precious sweet in my mouth.


2 more exams to go.

The "Learning" exam tmr.
Instructor is VERY famous in that field, and his reputation is very good among students too. It was him that cured my bad sterotype made by the busy positive pysch professor, introduced and let me enroll these fabulous pycsh courses this semester.

Although I haven't studied much, there must be something that I can do in this another 20 hours. Or else, I will be sorry for him.

Godiva chocolate makes me think positive :)

I think I don't need therapist when depressed.
Just a box of chocolate will do.