Hope*Of*Snow in USA!!!!


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coffee.jpgI promised Kathy to write about my new coffee maker in English.
So today’s blog is gonna be in English.
Forgive me about poor grammar and spelling mistakes.
I am used to writing in Japanese.
Thanks to her, I can now drink a fresh nice coffee in my own room.
Not thinking of getting one here, I was drinking instant coffee.
But being kind of a person who drinks my coffee BLACK,
the flavor mattered to me A LOT!!!!!!
When I told her that I was considering of buying a new one
since my friend gave me a bag of roasted coffee beans,
Kathy said her roommate wanted to sell one on e-bay!!
Why not take the opportunity???It is good for her roommate too,
because there will be no pain of worrying about shipping and handling.
So Kathy served as a mediator between me (consumer) and her roommate (seller) She was soooooo nice trying to lower the price for me. I got this coffee maker only in $15. No TAX!!!
Good deal,isn’t it???

sunrise.jpgAnd today I finished my mid-term for Abnormal Psychology.
Taking advantage spending a sleepless night, I took a picture of today’s sunrise!!!! Isn’t it awesome??

Once I started to study seriously on Abnormal Psych,
I noticed that it was impossible to cover all the chapters!!!
So I had to skip my French Class.
It was my first time skipping a class on purpose, and I felt very very guilty.
Some of you might know, but I don’t like to skip classes.
Even in Japan, I had habit of attending classes even though I was ONLY attending.
Thanks for my sweet friend Lena, hopefully I won’t fall behind in class.
After finishing my exam, which I didn’t even look over
(I hope there are no mistakes on marking since it is a
multiple choice exam with that special kind of sheet),
I rushed to my secret place that I always prepare for my seminar.
When preparing for the seminar, I must outline the article to report, write it down, and practice my oral presentation. So it should be a place not too quiet and where no one will disturb me.

The presentation was OK… I think. It is getting better, I guess.

I came in late and the only seat open was right next to my professor!!! He first gave an instruction of “How to give a good oral presentation",which gave a slight pressure on me. Then he peeked in my notebook to check my outline for the oral speech. Since I don’t want to loose my words while speaking, I write most of the things down, but he told me that it was better not to read things written down. In that way, you can think what you are saying in your head, which makes your opinion clearer.

But what if my mind becomes a complete blank!?

Well….I should try sometimes…..maybe, next time?????
I enjoyed today’s discussion very much, although I just skimmed most of the articles.
Can I say this as an improvement? Mmmmmmm……

I have French mid-term, and Learning(Psych class) mid-term tomorrow morning!! Then I will be FREEEEEEE!!!!
I must keep in mind that on the final exams, a more advanced
preparation is necessary….But I can’t wait till tomorrow afternoon!!!!!
This weekend I am going to have FUN!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Ok, back to study……That is reality of life.

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のりー>Gee! Nori!!!1 I love ya!!!I miss you so much. I can't believe we are living so close, because we haven't heard from each other for such a long time. だってカラオケ以来まともに会ってないよね?むー、今週は長かった・・・

Lena>Really? But I thinki 漢字is very helpful for us to understand the language; to me Manderine, fot you Japanese.Recently I am sooo happy spending fun time with ya. I know your naughty, but that is why we can get along well together! hahaha☆

Kathy> thanx for the comment! Since I am not used to writing in Japanese, I feel a little awkward but once I have done it it is not bad as I expected!!!I'll check your blog from time to time too!!
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