Hope*Of*Snow in USA!!!!


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The Christmas Card I bought@Penn book store.
Cards are now sale and you can get 20% discount.
Penn students! You should check it out!!!
This is a card design produced by MoMA(Musuem of Modern Art@NY)
The trees are made out of GelGems so you can put on glass material like windows. I just fell in love with the design.
But I'm the kind of a person who gets happy and satisfied only by purchasing cards, so I don't send them and keep it, which is not good.......
Btw I got the GODIVA chocolate bar(raspberry and darkchocolate) with the money I saved from the discount. The chocolate was right next to the register. Mmmmm, I might be a typical girl who gets caught in these things.

autumn.jpgCampus View
The leaves are changing colors, and I was infulenced by Kathy; she woke up early in order to take pictures!!! No wonder she is an Art major.
When leaves are changing colors, it's sooo pretty
but after that will be freezing cold winter.....
which means, desperately NEED of winter COAT!!!!
I was thinking of getting a white one, because I just love wearing white clothes in winter. But if I get stuffed with white coat on the top, don't you think it'll be a Snowman???

family.jpgLocal Family Dinner
I had a great time with Mrs.Gabriella, Mr.David, Jullia, and their dog Blue.
They had great interest in Japan, which was really freak chance.
The food was just fantastic: a traditional Italian meal.
with a yummy dessert,and not to mention about it, I had seconds.
After dinner, I played piano with Jullia, and played cards Rummy500.
Spending time with a cozy family was just what I needed after finishing stressfull and frustrating exams.
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